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SEO.  Search Engine Optimization.  Magic words and a magic profession in itself.  SEO for anything on the web, basically.  The truth is that if your website is not in the top five results of an organic search Google SEO(where the actual search results are sites optimized for you to find them, not advertised sites which bought the rights to rank for certain search terms), you are not found by anyone unless you give them your web address.

SEO for any website is a requirement if that site owner desires his site to rank and be found by searchers.  SEO for a dental website is, therefore, very important.  Think about it:  How many people drive by a dentists office every day?  Maybe a lot.  How many of them need dental treatment that day?  Usually none. Zero.  Recently I had a severe toothache, and my wife actually had to tell me where a dentist was in our small community, and it was a dentist office I drove by EVERY DAY, yet I never noticed it.

SEO for any business means that when someone has a toothache, they will do what I did and go to Google Search to find a solution.  I went to Google Search and googled up a dentist office near me and asked my wife if she knew where the place was.  She did know and I went.  My point is that even though I drove past the dentists office every day, I never noticed it.  So having a small business does not mean that many people will know about it.

SEO for a small business will get you results in Google Search.  SEO for any business will get you listed high in the search results where people who NEED WHAT YOU SELL can find you at the VERY MOMENT THEY NEED YOU THE MOST.

SEO For  …

I hate to capitalize things, but just like I drove past my dentist without ever noticing his office, some readers will read this and miss the point, which is SEO for small business will get you noticed by the most valuable market on earth.  Who is that most valuable market?  Its the people in your local area who are looking right now for a solution that YOU SELL.  (Caps.  Sorry.)

SEO for plumbers will get the plumber noticed.  SEO for roofers will get the roofer noticed.  SEO for lawyers, seo for dentists, seo for architects, seo for any business or profession or enterprise or hobby or project one can imagine will get that website noticed by the searchers who are most interested, every day.  24 x 7, 365 days per year, the top sites pull in the hottest leads possible because they obtained SEO for their business website.

SEO ForSEO for you means money in the bank.  SEO for you means more customers.  SEO for you means peace of mind because on the day your website reaches #1 on Google organic search, your life will change.  Your phone will ring early, and often.  You literally will not know what to do with all the new prospects you gain, and you can finally start referring business to other companies as you cherry pick the best opportunities for your own company.

SEO for you means a better life.  SEO for small business can be a transformational event that radically improves the standard of living for the owners and managers.

SEO for life.


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Married father of three. Graduate SFA University, degree English (Writing). Employment: IT from graduation forward. IBM mainframes, SUN Microsystems, HP9000, Silicon Graphics, IBM Robotic Arrays - moved over to software in late '90's and established myself as commercial web developer 2001. Specialize in Google Search Engine Optimization for Small Business clients nation-wide. Love it, and love my life. Love the outdoors and wilderness living.


  1. Jolynn Harcey  April 17, 2013

    What colors are the best for a website? Yours kind of suck.

  2. Mitsuko Nothacker  April 17, 2013

    SEO used to be sooooo easy back in the day, boyz. man it was simple.

  3. Frederic Rindels  April 17, 2013

    Can you speed up the ranking of a new website?

  4. Adrienne Floran  April 17, 2013

    Good stuff. How much is it?

  5. Anjanette Guilbe  April 17, 2013

    Good post. Personally, if small businesses don’t get a break from over-regulation, America will fall.


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